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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II from Buckingham Palace send a letter to Delwin Cheah dated on 10th Feb’2015.

“Dear Delwin , 

Her Majesty was interested to learn about your artistic achievements and of your work to promote the awareness of Autism.




Former 44th President of USA, Mr Barack Obama message in the letter to Delwin Cheah dated on July 2014

“Dear Delwin,

The world needs young people like you who are trying hard in school,serving your community,and dreaming big dreams.We face many challenges,but with your help,we can build on what we have already achieved and forge a brighter tomorrow.”

                            BARACK OBAMA

Her Royal Highness Queen of Johor State in Malaysia message in her private social media to Delwin Cheah dated on 3rd Sept 2016.

“it was wonderful to meet you and your family. Delwin is a very special boy and his drawings are amazing! He’s someone our country should be proud of ! “




World Famous Hollywood Celebrity Bond’s Girl, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh 杨紫琼 message to Delwin Cheah when they met up dated on 24th October 2016.

” Dearest Delwin , You are so Inspiring “….. 


Michelle Yeoh


China Top Ranking TV Reality show celebrity chef Nicholas Tse 謝霆鋒 praised Delwin Cheah in his show dated on 16th Oct 2016

” When i saw him at my restaurant , Delwin has drew a picture on the ostrich egg , i think that he is really talented and awesome. Eventhough he is different from us,but i believe that he can excel in anything if we found his hidden talented place….”


Press Release and Videos


Delwin Cheah and Nicholas Tse in the Kwong Wah Daily


Delwin Cheah and Chef Nicholas Tse in the Star news portal


Delwin Cheah and Chef Nicholas Tse in the Nanyang news portal




Delwin Cheah and Friends Video in the SEGi University dated on 7th April 2016. Thank you Friends !!



The BrandLaureate wrote about Delwin Cheah in SEGI University dated on 7th April 2016



The Star published Delwin Cheah as the Advocate in the World Autism Awareness Day in SEGi University dated on 12th April 2016



Microsoft Malaysia new release of Delwin Cheah and Akmal’s video for Surface Pro 4 ! please check it out…




Microsoft Malaysia appointed Delwin Cheah as their Brand Influencer for Surface Pro 4 at Glasshouse@Seputeh KL


News about Delwin Cheah

At the year of 2013



Famous blogger wrote about Delwin Cheah


Art Malaysia youngest artist



Won World Record ! Invited to the Prime Minister’s Official Residence by Prime Minister’s Wife



Twitt by Malaysia Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak


Delwin’s artwork brought by MATRADE to Melbourne 2014 got good reception !



Essenze Magazine Australia



Delwin received letters from President Obama and the news went viral all over the world !




Delwin send his artworks to President Obama as nation’s gift in conjunction with Malaysia Day




Delwin received letter from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and invited to British High Commission for Private lunch and letter presentation by the British Ambassador H.E. Vicki Treadell




Delwin supports WWF Malaysia and designed Malayan Tiger for t-shirt limited edition sale.All of the profits are proceed to the WWF Malaysia.





By Malaysiakini to cover his 1st solo art exhibition year 2013.

Delwin MTV. Music Lyrics by his mother, Erina Law



Delwin and his family were invited to Menara Angkasapuri RTM1 , Selamat Pagi Malaysia




Delwin Cheah’s latest video on his profile.