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Delwin Cheah received an award from The BrandLaureate Foundation ( Malaysia Highest Brand Awards & World Largest Brand Foundation) as the Creative Influencer ( Arts & Visual Expression) on 6th December 2023




Delwin Cheah presented his artwork to International Superstar artiste , Mr Jacky Cheung. The title of his work is Les chevaux de Camargue ( The horses of Camargue)


Delwin Cheah received personal signature on the merchandise cap from International Superstar artiste, Mr Jacky Cheung on 18 Aug 2023. Not everyone has the chance like this lucky young man…

Delwin Cheah was seeking an audience with permission granted by His Majesty DYMM Deputy YDP Agong , Sultan Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah in Istana Perak , Kuala Lumpur. Delwin presented ” The Majestic Tigers to His Majesty as an appreciation of His Majesty to continue the conservation of the Malayan Tigers in the forest. Daulat Tuanku


My new artwork sold to the new collector. His name is Mr Joe Chan from Mulia Group Indonesia and also the new owner of Iconic building – TRX106. Thank you for your support.

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Art Presentation to Her Royal Highness Raja Puan Muda Perak /Princess of Kedah , Tuanku Tunku Soraya binti Al-Mutassimu Billahi Muhibbuddin Tuanku Al-Haj Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah in Ipoh on 7 July 2018

Art Presentation of ” The Running Horses ” by Delwin Cheah to the Dean of University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar dated on 6th April 2018

Certificate of Appreciation to Delwin Cheah by UTAR Kampar

Certificate Presenation by Asst. Professor Dr Alia Azalea

Group photo of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar with the students , NGO and Dean of University dated on 6th April 2018 in conjunction with World Autism Awareness campaign.

Standing on stage with HK Celebrity Actor , Mr Alex Fong Lik Sun (left)

From left to right :- Mr Bennette Pang ( Wynner Band Member in 70s) Delwin Cheah and Jackie Chan’s Movie Producer & Award Winning , Mr Stanley Tong.

Delwin Cheah stood with HK Actor , Mr David Wu.

Delwin Cheah stood together with famous celebrity /VIP such as Hong Kong Actor , Mr Alex Fong , Wynner Band member , MR Bennette Pang , HK Actor Mr David Wu , Jackie Chan’s Movie Director Mr Stanley Tong , Celebrity Actress Anya Wu , Bank of East Asia CEO , Anlong , China Top Cross over Artist Mr Simon Ma and many more on stage at Shanghai Oriental Art Center dated 16th November 2017.

Delwin Cheah painted lively on one of the school bus model for charity and awareness on the stage of HK / China 20 years anniversary in Shanghai dated on 16th November 2017.

Delwin Cheah was announced as one of the Country heroes that made Malaysia proud not only locally but internationally. He was also been selected as the Country ICON or ” IKON Negaraku” dated on 15th April 2017 in the Pavilion Field at Kuala Kangsar , Malaysia.

Art Presentation to Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia , Dato’ Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi by National ICON Delwin Cheah date on 15th April 2017 at the booth of National Art Visual Gallery

Delwin Cheah & Celebrity Movie Star /Chef  Nicholas Tse


Nanyang Siang Pau (Chinese daily)


Full view of Delwin Cheah’s Artwork on the background


China/HK Top Celebrities , Chef Nicholas Tse and Malaysia Bond’s Girl , Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh were stood in front of Delwin Cheah’s artwork. The scenery of Delwin’s artworks were chose to be in line with the new season of 3 (Chef Nic Reality Show  十二道鋒味) , The African Theme. The Artworks were enlarged to 30 ft (H) X 100 ft (L) to fit into the background of “prop restaurant” in the show.


Delwin Cheah and his Family is seeking audience with HRH, Queen Raja Zarith Sofia or DYMM Permaisuri Raja Zarith Sofia in Johor Palace or Istana Bukit Serene dated on 3rd Sept 2016. It was an Art Presentation to Her Royal Highness for HRH Birthday on the Month of Aug 2016.

Discussion with Queen of Johor
Group Family with Queen
Lunch discussion with Queen
Delwin draw
Art Presentation to the Queen of Johor

My supporters……………..


One of my best teacher, Miss Soon Yeong Nee and a fan of my artworks.


A thank you message from Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh to Delwin Cheah for his birthday wish             card to the World Famous Movie Film Idol.


Hey , Uncle Patrick !  My Grandma would you like to date you for a dance ?

( With Movie Film Popular Star ICON in the era of 60s , Mr Patrick Tse on the left and daddy)

With HK Movie Film Legend Patrick Tse
TSMY talks to Delwin on her cellphone

Ok , Tan Sri … do you think that i can ride on the Ostrich ? i am quite small in size.

My best buddy forever Movie Film Icon , Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh  in Beijing dated on 2nd Aug’16

with my idol International ICON , Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh
  •                                     Look out ! The New Dangerous Partners in Crime !
my partner in crime

My Lovely mentor, Megan Fong showed some Wing Chun kicks to me.. Eee Yah !

my mentor showed me some Wing Chun kick

Thank you to Datuk Jackie Chan , World Famous International Film Star for your supports           and endorsement !

Jackie Chan 1 and 2
Jackie Chan signed I can draw
Jackie Chan Signed

Thank you to all my friends and fans for your supports in my solo art exhibition at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur .Thank you and Congratulations to the BrandLaureate for the 10th Anniversary !

My two number 1 fans , Erina Law ( L) and Megan Fong ( R)  always support behind me ! They are the most BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME moms in the World !

Both are my no.1 supporters

Delwin Cheah’s Solo Art Exhibition at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of the BrandLaureate Gala Awards Dinner.

DELWIN CHEAH Art Exhibition at the 10th Anniversary of the BrandLaureate

With Ms Chew Bee Peng , CEO of the BrandLaureate and The Group President of SEGi University and Collage , Datuk Mohd. Azahari

All in the SEGI

Plaque and certificate of appreciation from SEGI University


World Autism Awareness 2016 in SEGI University

Poster landscape

My new artwork collector. One of the owners of World Top 10 Most Expensive Swiss Watch                Maker , Audemars Piguet.

audemars piguet

Delwin Cheah in WWF Art for Nature 2016


WWF Malaysia Art For Nature 2016 with CEO of WWF  Malaysia , Dato’ Dr Dionysius        Sharma and Gurney Paragon Executive Director, Mr Khor Siang Gin

AFN2016 with CEO of WWF and Hunza Paragon Mr Khor
letter from DPRM Congrats Delwin

Congratulation letter received from Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor , Prime Minister’s Wife of Malaysia to Delwin Cheah dated on 12th Jan 2016.

Mr. Dermont O’Gorman , CEO of WWF Australia stand next to Delwin’s artwork.

CEO of WWF Australia
Delwin artwork on the WWF Australia Wall

Delwin’s artworks hanging in the office of WWF Australia. 

Microsoft Malaysia has appointed Delwin Cheah as one of their Brand Influencer for Surface Pro 4 at the launched event in Glasshouse@Seputeh. An Awesome grand event !


Art Presentation to Dr KK Johann at the BrandLaureate Gala Awards Dinner on 5th Nov 2015

Art Presentation to Dr KKJoahan

Delwin Cheah met his friends. From (Left) Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng(Malaysia Top 50 Business Tycoon), Dr KK Johan(President of the BrandLaureate) , Daddy and Tan Sri Rainer Althoff (Former Chairman of Nokia Siemens Malaysia)

Delwin With Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng and Tan Sri Rainer Althoff

Delwin Cheah was invited to Gala Dinner of ICON The Brandlaureate 5th Nov 2015

Delwin Cheah ICON Award

Family photo in the Brandlaureate ICON awards Gala Dinner 5th Nov 2015

the BrandLaureate family

Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh , the new collector of Delwin Cheah’s artwork !



Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh (World Famous Megastar) Wild Life Ambassador with WWF Malayan Tiger Awareness Artist , Delwin Cheah !



”  Dearest  Delwin , you are so Inspiring ” ! said Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh !




Exhibitions & Charities

Some of his artworks were exhibited by bankers and corporations for fund raising and charities.


Delwin’s artworks were exhibited by Singapore bank

art sold in FMM annual dinner Sept 2015

One of his artworks was sold to prominent businessman

Matrade magazine

The only boy in the team of Malaysia artists who was brought to Melbourne by MATRADE          to join in the KL-Melbourne Art Exhibition in 2014/15.

Obama poster

 Poster of President Barack Obama personally signed by the President send to Delwin.

open the gate in Lighthouse soup kitchen

Delwin and Delwina have the priviledge to serve the community in the Lighthouse Soup Kitchen.

art melboune MATRADE 2015 pic 3

KL-Melbourne Art Exhibition by MATRADE 2015

Delwin's art in Melbourne 2015 MATRADE

Delwin’s art exhibition hung at Spaceat Collins,Melbourne 2015 under MATRADE

10 years old in UN

Delwin’s artwork ” Pirates of Caribbean” was proudly hung in the UN Plaza, New York

certificate from BP frame

The Letter of Praise from Buckingham Palace , Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II send to Delwin.

Pictures with US ambassador

Delwin Cheah and his family were invited to attend the celebration

of 239th Independence Day of USA by H.E.US Ambassador Mr & Mrs Joseph Yun.

With UK Ambassador

Presentation to Delwin Cheah by British High Commissioner to Malaysia H.E.Vicki Treadell


Australian Melbourne Councillor Mr Ken Ong was proudly hold Delwin Cheah’s masterpiece with former CEO of MATRADE , Datuk Wong Lai Sum.Picture
taken from CHTNetwork Australia Essenze Magazine.

WWF T shirt launching in Mid Valley

Family Picture together with Mr CW Yeap (GM-WWF Malaysia) and Mr Ko (Mid Valley Megamall Director) on the event of launched Delwin’s designed Malayan Tiger in WWF t-shirt dated on 29th Aug 2015.